Clear the Clutter

All the extra "stuff" that you have subconsciously adds stress to your life. Everything you own is another thing to keep track of, to worry about losing or perhaps breaking. It's time to develop the habit of decluttering. Once you've cleared out your extra baggage, you'll notice the benefits, which include increased inner peace and a feeling of self-control. And, if you declutter your bedroom, notice how this helps you to sleep better and wake up feeling more refreshed.


So what, now what? Do a little every day and keep a donation box handy for those items that can be better used by someone else. (The joy of giving is an added bonus.)

Ask yourself the following questions:

How often do I use this item?Do I love it?Do I really need it, or do I have another item that could do the job?Am I using it to its fullest potential, or could someone else use it ?