How to celebrate Winter Solstice.

In the Northern hemisphere, on 21st December you could celebrate by catching the sunrise at Stonehenge; or soak in hot baths full of the yuzu citrus fruit in Japan, or be lucky enough to be selected (through an annual lottery) to get the chance to stand inside Newgrange, which is a burial monument in Ireland’s Boyne Valley, that is over 5,000 years old.

But, seriously who cares what happens in the Northern Hemisphere, when you love in South Africa.

Let’s find ways to celebrate our 21st June 2019 winter solstice … the shortest day of the year.

It will be a Friday, so how about CELEBRATING in a way, that is self compassionate and CELEBRATES YOU.

Here are 9 ingredients. A recipe for powerful energy, regeneration and renewal of yourself.

1. Leave Work (University or School) early on the 21st June 2019 and make sure that you have cleared your diary for that Friday night.


2. On the way home: a) plan to stop at Woolies, or perferably your greengrocer to get chopped veggies and a veggie stock cube. b) Make sure that you have a Novel / magazine. If it's a magazine, it must not be work related.


3. As your hand touches your front door handle : ensure that your ‘internal dialogue’ is right. Change your words to change your world. Say something out loud before you walk through the front door. E.g. ‘ I choose to be self compassionate tonight and celebrate me’. If you open your front door to chaos (toddlers or teenagers): simply take a deep breath. Smile. And Repeat!


4. Without hesitating change into gym wear, so that you can do a 7 min cardio routine. No excuses.With or without your ‘children /cherubs in the house’ : Just Do It! Use one of 100s of free Apps on your phone and / or jump on a Rebounder (see ) or skip on your verander. OWN those 7 mins … even if the dogs are going mad around you! Release the stress from the day!


5. “Less is More”. Veggie soup for supper. Add cream. Skip the toast. Eat early.


6. “Me; me & me celebtate time” happens when your cherubs (including older ones) are fed and ‘put to bed’ (or occupied). a) Go RED by wearing your SleepSpec glasses … see Feel the 70 muscles around your eyes relax IMMEDIATELY. b) Run that bath and indulge by adding Sleep Bath Salts see for newly launched, awesomely formulated ones. c) Close that bathroom door and submerge (water is incredibly therapetic). d) Say out loud and complete the sentence “ I am grateful for ….” (Even for the tough conversations/ feedback from the day). e) Breath in to the count of 4. Hold your breath for 7 counts. Breath out for 8 counts (expelling toxic air trapped in the bottom of your lungs). Do three rounds and choose to put the day; the week and the month of June aside. Be present and in the moment. Don't worry about what’s happened so far this year and / or what’s to come. SET ASIDE this 30 mins for you! f) Pick up your Novel and escape reality!



7. Preparing for a great night of sleep : a) Keep your red-tinted glasses on, so that you block out blue light (from LEDs; TV and devices) When you do this, you give your Pineal Gland the opportunity to produce a good dose of melatonin to get you into deep, restorative and regenerating sleep. This is called Stage 3 and Stage 4 sleep. These are the stages of sleep that drain your brain of the toxin build up of Beta Amyloid. Your brain doesn't sleep. It needs to be active at night and flush all the stuff that leads to brain fog!

8. Put your mobile phone in it’s own Phone Bed (see our Feel FAB ones ). Put your phine in it’s ‘own bed’ on the ‘FAR’ side of your bedroom, or even better: in the next door room. Buy an alarm clock, so that your phone’s electromagnetic radiation doesn't affect you.


9. Have your sleep mask ready. After reading a few more pages snuggled in bed, you might be ready to nod off. Switch off your side light and then swop your red-tinted glasses for your sleep mask. See our funky, green sleep masks ( made by The Reaboka Foundation. These are ladies that sit in rural areas bead for us. Their payoffline is ‘Empowering Rural Communities’. By buying their goods you are supporting them, their children and their grandchildren.


ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ for at least 7 to 8 hours.

On Sat morning, you will have the shortest day of the year behind you! In addition, you should feel like you have had a mini brain and body ‘reboot’.

Our Winter Solstice Promotion until the end of June 2019 is : # Red tinted glasses # An eBook: The FAB Quotient # A SleepBed # A Sleep mask # Sleep Bath Salts (Rory : hopefully the pics of these will besent to us by Monday and we can add them)