Resilience for Now & Later

In the face of crisis, what can we do today to strengthen our own and one-anothers' capabilities to weather the storm? And, looking to an uncertain future, what are the essentials for building capacity in ourselves, our work teams, schools and societies so we have the inner strengths to survive, and even thrive, in adversity? Join a high energy conversation with global experts on personal, business, and community resilience. Hosted by Joshua Freedman, ceo of the Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence Network, and internationally best-selling author of At the Heart of Leadership.


Panelists: Lara Williams MAC - Cofounder and Director of Momentum 4, specialists in strengthening leadership teams to excel by building the energy for peak performance. Consultant, learning designer, mom and Ultramarathoner (UK / Switzerland)


Sally Dominguez, award-winning inventor and designer, architect of the Adventurous Thinking innovation strategy, expert in sustainability, decentralization, exponential strategy and innovation mindset. Former TV invention judge and off-road rally driver, now working on the EPIC Resilience strategy to help people find opportunity in chaos.


Joni Peddie - CEO at Resilient People, transforming “time-poor, stress-rich” executives to grow insight and skills for sustained performance. Past experience includes Unilever, Bristol-Meyers Squibb and Kimberley Clarke (South Africa)


Sandrine Gouallier is a keynote speaker and senior mindfulness trainer serving leaders, teams and organisations. She spent 20 years in international corporate businesses before joining Potential Project. Potential Project has been helping 200,000 people and 600 companies around the world optimize performance, innovation and resilience through the practice of mindfulness. Their book the Mind of the Leader is a best-seller at Harvard Business Review Press.


Rashad Bartholemew - Entrepreneur & software innovator making big ideas real in education tech & finance - and formerly running back for the Tennessee Titans.


Chris Williams has 25 years of experience in learning and development and is co-founder of Momentum4, a business specialising in ‘People Performance & Business Growth’. Chris has a wealth of experience in the design and delivery of L&D initiatives, where 'resilience' and 'EQ' are the keystones of Momentum 4’s methodology. Clients include PwC, Deloitte, CBRE and IBM, additionally Chris is a guest tutor at the IMD in Switzerland.