Sleep your way to the top!

Joni Peddie’s research shows how Sleep is inextricably linked to health, wellbeing and resilience! Joni, as an associate of the World Sleep Society is sharing the ‘facts’ so that Sleep is no longer seen as a luxury.

If you trade in your sleep for a few extra hours of wakefulness there are many hidden health costs. World Sleep Day is the 15th March 2019 and Joni, as CEO of the business ‘Resilient People’ has been nominated to get people to ‘wake up’ and take note of the physical and psychological effects of insufficent sleep. These include cancer, diabetes, heart disease, obesity, depression, dementia and Alzeihemer’s.


Sleep your way to the top

Are you drowning in ‘To Do Lists’; ‘School, Home and Work Commitments’ and then also riddled with the draining emotion of ’guilt’. Guilt - because you are not getting through what you need to do, on a daily basis. Life these days is faster; more demanding and generally far tougher than our parents or grandparents had to deal with. 


If you are living in this whirlwind of constant change and high demand, and feel that your nose is only just popping above the waterline, this blog is for you, Many of us feel like we are drowning, or we are bobbing out at sea, and the sea currents are taking us in whatever direction they are going. Forget about feeling overwhelmed, from too much advice from others. It's daunting worrying about which foodstuffs to eat, which pills to pop or which new ‘time-saving’ techno gadget is necessary to make your life easier.


Push aside this onslaught of ideas and advice and rather get back to the basics of science, biology and understanding your body.

Getting good, quality sleep is your single-minded ‘answer’ and the way to surface and survive the turbulent waves of change! 


Why; how and what?

Why is easy. If you want to be more productive and get to the top in whatever you are doing, you need energy, vitality and determination.

How is simple. To have the energy needed to tackle your daily demands, you need deep, restorative sleep!

What is necessary. Start rebooting your brain before you go to sleep.

Sleep time is a busy time. Your brain needs to flush out the toxin buildup from the day. Each and every day, while you go about your business, beta amyloid (a toxin) builds up in your brain. To flush out these toxins (which research tells us leads to Alzheimer’s), your Pineal Gland in your brain needs to produce melatonin. But here’s the problem, as the sun goes down we switch on our office & home lights, and then carry on working on our laptops or watch TV. We have become ‘multi-taskers’ and do all of this while answering WhatsApp messages and emails on our mobile phone.


What many of us don’t realise is that our brain detests all of this ‘after dark' activity! Biologically we are not designed to do any of this. We are designed to rest and digest after sunset. However, the latter is absolutely impossible these days. We are living and working in this new era : called the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

So what do you need to do…starting tonight?

Here’s a simple ‘bio hack’ : switch off all devices two hours before you go to bed. If that’s impossible for you and your family, then you need to wear amber tinted glasses (find them on to block out the blue light that tells your brain NOT to produce melatonin. The use of these glasses have been inextricably linked to the improved performance in a range of athletes, soccer stars, netball players and rugby team members. If they are good enough for professionals, they are good enough for you. Focus on improving your daily performance by deepening your restorative sleep, and naturally sleeping your way to the top.

If you are battling to invest in 7 to 8 hours per night, please visit our website: for ‘science-based’ products, that will ensure that you get a great night’s sleep.