FAB Sleep Phone Bed

R 340.00

You're never going to feel FABulous in the morning and wake up with a spring in your step, if you've been on your phone (or laptop or watching TV) for one to two hours before you go to bed.
Why? The blue light stops your brain from releasing melatonin, which is absolutely necessary for deep, restorative sleep. We all need to 'reboot' our brains daily. At night, when we sleep, our brain 'detoxes' and flushes out a protein called beta amyloid, which is strongly associated with Alzheimers disease!

Are you worried about screen addiction with your teenagers? You should be! This is now considered a clinical disorder. The impact of blue light is even more significant for teenagers, because circadian rhythm naturally shifts during adolescence, causing teenagers to feel more awake late into the night. Starting up a video game on their phone (laptop, or watching  television) just before bedtime could be enough to push sleepiness away for another hour or two, making early mornings particularly difficult.

Get one of these beautifully designed Phone Sleep Beds for each family member.

These are made by the Reaboka Foundation, whose vision is to facilitate economic empowerment of  South African women in  rural areas!

Ready for today.
Built for tomorrow.