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R 225.00

Beyond Healing 3 Pouch Combo

Buy this combo pack to make sure that you get the benefit of all three amazing scents with essential oils! Take some time out with the stress salts, sleep deeper...
R 125.00

Beyond Healing 3 Tub Set

Buy this combo pack to make sure that you get the benefit of all three amazing scents with essential oils! Take some time out with the stress salts, sleep deeper...
R 80.00

Beyond Healing Sleep Salts 700gm

Discover the healing and restorative power of deep penetrating epsom salts with miracle mustard extract and lavender essential oils.
R 80.00

Beyond Healing Sports Salts 700gm

Reward your body with the soothing of premium Epsom Salts and an infusion of eucalyptus and menthol.
R 80.00

Beyond Healing Stress Salts 700gm

Relax with the soothing power of premium Epsom Salts and healing crystals infused with essential oils of bergamont orange.
R 259.00

Beyond Insomnia better sleep spray and booklet

Powerful Homeopathic support for an improved and rejuvenating sleep. Includes Free download of powerful guided go to sleep module value $15 Generous 50ml. spray formula to calm and help you to...
R 300.00

Carry Bag

Fits all ReboundSA folding rebounders.
R 350.00

FAB Book

In today's world we are living our lives in an energy crisis, in more ways than one. We work longer hours and juggle many more balls each day, making us stress-rich,...
R 99.00

FAB eBook

Experience Resilient Energy and Fight Fatigue Using the FAB Quotant.
R 310.00

FAB Eye Mask

If you want to prioritise deep restorative sleep as a 'must have' then wearing a sleep mask is hugely beneficial (& cheaper than black out curtains). A sleep mask also...
R 340.00

FAB Sleep Phone Bed

You're never going to feel FABulous in the morning and wake up with a spring in your step, if you've been on your phone (or laptop or watching TV) for...
R 400.00

Health Bounce Pro Support bar

Removable and adjustable support bar. Most people do not need the support bar. It is recommended for people with compromised balance, recovering from injury or illness and the frail.
R 1,900.00

Online Coaching Workshops

Emotional Intelligence Online Coaching Operate in a smarter way, by understanding and harnessing your feelings. Emotional Intelligence (EI) is a learnable, measurable, scientifically validated skillset that fuels better effectiveness, relationships,...
R 380.00

Revitalise Snack Box Large

Peanut butter nougat barBiltong SnapstixCashew and Almond (raw)Cranberry macHoney Roasted AlmondsMexicorn Nachos 2Dried MangoMixed raw nutsRoasted and salted (nuts with raisins)Wholesome Harvest roast chickpeasBeef Dry WorsCashew BerryDate and AlmondCorn NibblesTree...
R 230.00

Revitalise Snack Box Mini

Peanut butter nougat barBeef Dry WorsCashew BerryDate and AlmondCorn NibblesTree of Life wheat free oast crunchyNachosOn The GoHeavenly BarMixed Nuts ExoticEat RealTurkish Apricots
R 2,450.00

The All New Health Bounce Pro

Features:– Up to 130kgs– 2-Fold (folds in half) with strong steel hinges– High Quality mat with yellow safety edge indicator– 6 spring loaded legs (Extra Strong connections and easy to...
R 1,589.00 R 1,010.00

Ultimate Sleep Pack

We at Resilient People have put together the Ultimate Sleep Pack to help you get a quality night’s sleep. We are so confident in our products that we will offer...
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